LTCC (Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic)development for RF and Microwave Application TR Modules (L, S, C,X, KU, KA Bands), LTCC Traininng, Design and development Empire - FDTD Software
Low Noise Amplifiers (Cryogenic and Ambient), Noise Measurement Equipment
Data Transmissions for Ground, airborne And Space, S- Band FM Telemetry S- Band Satellite Tranreceivers, S- Band Power Amplifiers, S- Band Airborne Antenna Telemetry, Telecontrol Systems.
Satellite Link Emulators ,Signal Generators Record And Playback Systems for GNSS and Satellite Signals, Custom Built Solutions.
Etchants, Electroplating Chemicals, Epoxy Adhesives Encapsulants for Electronic Packaging, Photomask processing chemicals, PCB Materials.
Reflector and Horn Antenna Design and Analysis Software
Advanced Electromagnetic CAD Software for Analysis and Optimization Of Microwave and Antenna Components and networks.
Military Antennas - -HF, Omnidirectional, Blade Log-periodic, Reflector, Spiral, Horn VHF, UHF Antenna's for Various Applications.
Arm Cortex M0-Microcontrollers - Extreme Temperature, Radiation Hardened (TID>300K RAD (SI)), SRAM Memories
Software for radiocommunications modelling, interference analysis, spectrum management & frequency coordination : Visualyse Professional, Visualyse GSO V3, Visualyse SM, Visualyse Coordinate-Satellite Earth Station Coordination, EPFD and Recommendation ITU-R S.1503