Single mode Laser diodes, single frequency laser diodes DFB Lasers/ DBR Lasers , Tapered Amplifiers High Brightness broad area Laser, Ar coated Fabry Perot Laser
High Power Diode Lasers (From 20W to Multiple Kilowatts with Stacks), Low Power Diode Lasers (From Milliwatts upto Few Watts)
Optical Frequency combs, Terahertz Time domain solutions Femtosecond Fiber Lasers, Microjoule Lasers, Terahertz antennas and components, Photodetectors
CW Driver, Modulated & Pulsed Driver with/ wthout TEC controller Fast pulsed Modulators, Compact Laser Driver Systems TEC Controller and Driver Supply Module.
Narrow Linewidth Single frequency External Cavity Laser Diode. 1064 nm External Cavity Laser, High Power Low Phase Noise Narrow Line width Laser Module Optical Phase Lock Loop Syatem with Tunable Frequency Offset
Fiber optic components, PM Isolators and circulators. Ploarization beam Combiners/Splitters, PM Fiber optic Switch. Fused Fiber Couplers, Laser Diode Light Source, Lithium Niobate Modulators Grin Lenses, Single lenses(Plano covex and concave, BI - Convex and concave)
Electro- Optic Modulators (0.1 MHz - 3 GHz), Laser spectroscopy and Optical Frequency Locking, Alkali Repumper Frequencies for Spectroscopy and Laser cooling.
Test Systems for THz Images, Laser Systems, Thermal Imagers, UV Cameras. Test Modules : CollimatorsLight Sources, Targets, Optical Tables, Test Software Computer Simulators and Target Simulators.
Whispering Gallery Mode (WGM) Resonator, RF/Optical Test Measurement Systems, Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Laser, Opto-Electronic Oscillator (OEO)
Tunable Cateye Lasers(CEL), Tunable Littrow Lasers (LDL), Optical Amplifiers, Laser Electronics, RF Electronics, Wavemeters and Photodetectors.